Bootcamp Period
Aug 30 -> Sept 3
5 online sessions
10:30am-1pm EST daily
Or pay what you can. Details below.

acadeME Bootcamp

5 transformative ½ day sessions to set you up for your future - this year and beyond.

This bootcamp is about you. Your wild and precious life.
Real life. Real talk. Real you.
It’s time to wake up feeling better.

When you’re living a life you’re choosing, it all just starts to flow. School makes more sense when you know where you want it to take you. Your community service hours now match your passions. You see clearly who you are and what you offer. You find your people. You start pursuing post-secondary pathways and careers that excite you. 

Sound good? Come as you are. Pay what you can. Gift someone else or a group of friends.

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Course overview

A 5-Step Bootcamp For Youth Around The World

This bootcamp is an introduction to the acadeME framework for how to design your life the way you want to live it. We are here to support you in being the driver, not the passenger, in your journey ahead. 

Each day, there will be a brief wake up activity followed by super honest guest speakers sharing their life stories. Themes will flow and build on one another. After each live talk, you will receive self-directed follow-up to support you in getting real with yourself - about who you are and what kind of life you want to live. Attend these sessions live or watch the recordings later.

You’ll come out of the bootcamp with version one of your own MeMap. This will provide you with fresh tools and clarity on so many fronts  - from school to friendships to dating to post-secondary applications to job interviews to finding Community Service hours you’ll enjoy. You’ll also be connected with other young people from around the world looking to live their real lives, too. 

This first acadeME Bootcamp is dedicated to the memory of Frankie Commisso (1996-2021). 

Pay what you can

There should be no such thing as impossible. So we’ve made this bootcamp pay what you can.

How To Register:


The registration fee is $99 which is only $20 per day. If that doesn’t work for you, we invite you to use one of the following promo codes:



Our goal is for this bootcamp to be as accessible as possible. You can help us make that happen by gifting attendance to others:

1. Gift attendance to someone you know - add their information at checkout
2. Gift a group of youth you know or youth in need around the world. Email us at: or donate via GoFundMe

The Inside>Out Initiative hosting this acadeME Bootcamp is a not-for-profit. We very much appreciate your support.


What's in it for the learner?

Recognize what makes you uniquely and awesomely you
Have a plan to make that best life happen
Feel prepared to show your best true self to the world
Build your MeMap for how you want to live your life
Meet like-minded people

Who will be speaking?

Award-winning Canadian Icon. Songwriter. Entrepreneur. Knowledge Mobilizer.

Host: Erica Ehm

Hi, I’m Erica. My purpose in life is to use my voice to make the world a better place. I walk to my own beat and have done all kinds of interesting stuff – like interview Kurt Cobain, invent and grow a big online business, write award-winning songs and host a podcast about Reinvention. I feel most alive when I’m expressing myself doing what I love. I’m raising two awesome teens and a puppy named Snoop Dog.
Youth Entrepreneur. Non-Profit Creator. Mindful Traveller. 

Speaker: Cameron Davis

Cameron Davis is a 16-year old entrepreneur who intends to be the country’s PrimeMinister one day. Once elected he’ll continue to do the work he has already begun: Advocating for equality for oppressed and marginalized peoples.  It’s why he helped create the non-profit organization BYRYOUTH and why he uses his company to promote unity through travel and raise money for communities in need. People of all ages relate to his enthusiasm and he inspires by sharing his unique travel experiences on his YouTube channel CammyD. When he isn’t working to change the future, Cameron also enjoys going on long bike rides with his friends. Follow him at @ogcammyd on Instagram

Progressive Educator. Life Coach. Principal. Speaker.

Speaker + Coach: Luke Coles

Hi, I’m Luke and I look forward to meeting you and perhaps helping you to meet you, too, in a fresh way.

Education, youth, mental health and the outdoors all excite me. I’ve spent my working life so far in schools as teacher, Vice Principal and Principal, and along the way I’ve worked with the Terry Fox Foundation and on behalf of youth homelessness. I love to eat, travel and come back home.

To me, life has become all about exploring different ways of relating, living, talking, surviving and thriving.

Oh, and I have a thing for moose.

2x’s Emmy Award-winning Producer. Dreamer. Realizer of Dreams. People Gatherer. Innovator.

Speaker: Giovanni Marsico

Giovanni Marsico is the founder of Archangel - a community of superhero entrepreneurs, leaders and gamechangers that are making the world a better place through mission-driven entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Giovanni hosts his large-scale fundraiser in Toronto every September for thousands of entrepreneurs called Archangel Summit where all of the proceeds are used to support various charities and offer micro-loans, investments, and grants to entrepreneurs creating positive impact. 

Passion-Pusher. Pizza-Lover. Daughter of an Immigrant.

Speaker: Abby Allen

Hi, I’m Abby! And I believe that if more people did what made them happy that the world would be a better place. Since going against the grain is never easy and takes an incredible amount of courage and support. So my goal through my life and company, Neon Butterfly, is to help change limiting narratives in media so that more of us can see ourselves reflected in the world around us AND see that there are many ways to make a life, beyond the narrow options most of us are given. Also, I love doing anything outside, and in 2013 I began a project called Perfectly Mixed, documenting the experiences of interracial couples and mixed-race individuals across America.
Teen Girls Youth Group. Police Officer. Speaker. Social Media Influencer.

Speaker: Jennifer Dekezel

Hey, I’m Jen. I’m a cop. I’m also someone who has been to hell and back in life and am who I am because of it. I am the proud champion of a mentoring program and a group home for girls, I’m a foster parent, a therapy dog trainer and a social media influencer. I believe good hearts attract and encourage other good hearts.
Award-winning Creator. Designer. Entrepreneur. Dreamer.

Speaker: Israel Diaz

Hi, I’m Israel. I believe we are ALL creators -- including you! My life purpose is to help others unleash their inner creative genius so they can make their biggest dent in the universe! I am an eternal optimist and an early riser. My passions include yoga and muay thai. And I ride a cafe racer as a form of meditation. I eventually see myself living in flip flops 24/7/365.

I’m currently all lit up about a book I’m co-authoring, Inside>Out, launching late 2021.

Award-winning Musician. Songwriter. Philanthropist. Billboard Top 40.

Speaker: Max Parker

Hi, I’m Max! My passion is music creation. I’m a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, collaborator, and content creator. I strive to engage with youth globally, to make a difference with my song writing, stage performance, and artistry. I’ve been referred to as a selfless humanitarian, but I know this is something that I’m learning and engaging on every day. I’m a fitness rat. I love long boarding and tennis, and I dabble in photography. Being on stage is something that fuels my passion, and I want others to feel like they CAN pursue their biggest passion, no matter what life dumps on you. Ya gotta believe (in yourself) to achieve (for yourself). 

Integral Leadership Coach. Sport lover. Heart seeker. Soul igniter. Passion provocateur.

Speaker + Coach: Lauren Brett

Hi, I’m Lauren. My passion is encouraging people to connect deeply with what matters to them so they can make bold and courageous choices and cartwheel into the life they want. My life’s greatest work has been shifting from being a crippling perfectionist to finding real joy in the mess of life. In a world that can feel isolating or overwhelming, my purpose is to offer a sense of connection, belonging and significance.
Director of Flow. Ergonomics obsessed. Dog whisperer. Will dance anywhere.

Speaker: Marla Gold

Hi, I'm Marla. My passion is to help people direct their flow in life. I have a pretty good understanding of how the body/mind works and enjoy sharing this knowledge in natural movement practices to power up the brain and energize the body. We live in a time where technology defines most of how we live and interact, so it's important to realize our bodies are not as resilient as the machines we use. I’m all for a positive approach to technology design that adapts to our body's natural evolution. Let's make a shift towards more Human Being activities to support the Human Doing ones. How do you spend most of your day...Being or Doing?
Gender + Racial Equity Consultant. Speaker. Educator.

Speaker: Jessica Ketwaroo-Green

Hi, I'm Jess. I'm super passionate about gender and racial equity, fashion and food. By day, my work revolves around my passion of removing barriers for people to equally exist in the world. It's a fancy way of saying I teach people to resist the status quo and be nicer to each other. Since I was in high school, I've been drawn to this work - and haven't left the field since. And, by night, I like to enjoy late night eats in fancy clothes.
Life Coach. Entrepreneur. Former Management Consultant.

Speaker + Coach: David Hoffman

Hi, I’m David and my passion lies in simplifying the overwhelmingly complex. I’ve worked with all kinds - from Private Equity organizations to individual human beings - always in the name of positive change and the exhilarating spirit of reinvention. Personal growth and freedom is what matters to me most. And photography!
Youth Environmentalist. Public Speaker. Impactful Influencer. 

Speaker: Hannah Alper

At the age of nine, Hannah launched her blog, Call Me Hannah, to share her growing concern for environmental issues and show that small, everyday actions can lead to big change. Now 18 years old, she has emerged as an impassioned public speaker and author using her voice to motivate and empower people of all ages to identify their passion and take action for a better world.
Through her blog, social media platforms and motivational speaking, Hannah supports organizations, causes, events and brands that, like her, are putting good into people, communities and the world.
Visionary Humanist. Changemaker. Social Advocate. Entrepreneur + Writer.

Speaker: Heidi Philip

Hi I’m Heidi. Like many others, I’ve gone to hell and back over the years. The hell part was trying to live by other people’s rules. It ‘looked good on paper’ and I was miserable. It was so ultimately wrong for me that four years ago it brought me to my knees. Then with the wisdom of a lot of incredible people (and raccoons!) around me, I started to see it didn’t have to be that way. I’ve come to realize it’s my life, I can throw in a plot twist any time I want. I have a voice. I have a choice.
Award Winning Speaker. Author. Facilitator. Silver Lining Prospector

Speaker: Ian Tyson

Hi, I’m Ian. I’m so excited to share some motivation with you! It is my purpose in this life to serve others through impactful connections that will authentically cultivate optimism. I have been a speaker for youth, leaders and businesses for over 32 years, and have travelled the world to do so. I strive to entertain and inspire with heartfelt personal stories, and humorous observations. It’s all about the energy we bring, and I have plenty! I love to cook, and even appeared on a Food Network show last year. I’m a proud Dad of 2 grown adults. I’m also a proud nerd. 
Social Entrepreneur. Builder. Environmentalist. Advocate. Empowerer.

Speaker: Tony Cobb

Tony grew up on Fogo Island off the North East coast of Newfoundland, the son of a fisherman. After careers in high tech, wholesale, retail and consulting, he and his sister, Zita, formed the Shorefast Foundation as a vehicle to give back to their community that gave them such a great start. Four new artist studio’s (, ten heritage restorations and the Fogo Island Inn (, are the products of these 10 years. The Inn, a social enterprise, opened May 2013 and has won world-wide acclaim including Travel + Leisure Best 100 Hotels in the World.Tony co-founded Fogo Island Fish ( with his wife Janice in 2015 to re-invent the business of fish to serve community. It is a social enterprise focused on creating world-class fish products and making direct connections between fishers and some of the top chefs in Canada. It pays fishers more than double market rates and processes the fish on the island creating local jobs.Their efforts are featured in the National Film Board of Canada documentary film, Hand.Line.Cod, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Movement Therapist. Unconventional Idealist + Co-Creator of The Akira Concept.

Speaker: David Newton

David Newton has a passion for and a dedication to functional movement, foundational wellness and self-care, productively rewiring the mind/body connection. David has been teaching fitness including indoor cycle, weight training, and yoga for over 30 years. Together, with Lisa Borden through The Akira Concept, he created UnMeditation and is determined to create a “Wellness Intelligence” movement … working to support a new culture of wellness that is radical, holistic, fun, and transformative … empowering everyone he works with to be their own best expert.
Songcrafters. Fashionistas. Empowering Passion in Human beings.

Performing Artists : The Command Sisters

Hey! We’re the Command Sisters, and we’re a sister alternative/pop duo based out of Toronto. Signed to @umusic and @republicrecords, we have released 7 songs to date - including the ‘Lean On Me’ rendition with Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Michael Buble, and more - with proceeds going towards The Red Cross.  

We are also big believers in volunteer work, giving back, and having a purpose behind your passion. One of the causes we advocate for is anti-bullying and mental health awareness - as Sarah (half of our band) had dropped out of high school due to bullying and harassment.  

Our latest single ‘Chameleon’ (written by Charlotte) is about being afraid to show your true colours when those around you continuously knock you down.  

We believe in using our talents to help others relate with their struggles.
Spoken Word Poet. Traveller. Changemaker. Voice Finder.

Speaker: Greg Frankson

Hi, I'm Greg, and I'm very excited and pleased to be part of this incredible initiative. For over twenty years I've been living my life guided by my personal mission statement: to present the vision that inspires others to positively change the world. I've been able to travel through three continents and the Caribbean using spoken word poetry as a method of connection, education, inspiration, and social change. For two years I was a poetic commentator on CBC Radio One and I was a contestant on the 2012 special for Canada's Smartest Person. I've also been a pot washer at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, so life throws you curveballs sometimes. Throughout it all, I'm grateful to my mom, who raised me on her own while living in public housing in Scarborough, and feel blessed to be the founder and CEO of Voice Share Inc., which gives me the opportunity to work with people like you on communicating inclusion as a means of creating powerful positive change.
Creator. Teacher. Entrepreneur. Collaborator. Traveller. Daydreamer. Bridge builder.

Speaker: Annabel Fitzsimmons

Hi, I’m Annabel. As my kids like to say, I do a lot of things. I’m a: writer, author, playwright, speaker; a meditation, yoga and Pilates teacher; a creative collaborator; and an entrepreneur. I was born in Canada, grew up in Bermuda and England, and then moved back to Canada for high school. I learned at an early age to carve my own path, but also the power and beauty of collaborating with others.

I love helping people find their voice, stay true to themselves, and connect or reconnect with what’s important to them. You can find me through the mindfulness and meditation biz I co-founded -- -- or on social media @annabeljfitz. I’m happiest by the water.  

This bootcamp is for:

High School

High school students wanting to get real about steering their life in their own best direction.

Teens Taking A Gap Year

Teens on the fence about what’s next for them. More school? Work? Travel? A side hustle?

Recent High School Grads

Recent High School Grads looking to take their next steps with confidence and conviction.

Topics we will explore

Understand your early attachments, your personal belief system and how it all impacts your life applying the latest neuroscience.
Discover and articulate who you are and what makes you unique in a way that you know deep down is true.
Figure out the things that light you up personally and how to weave them into your life. 
Learn how to move up towards the driver’s seat of the bus called life. It’s your life, after all!
Design your own roadmap for where you want to go and how you want to get there.


“This is truly the most life-changing, eye-opening and important thing I’ve done in my life so far and I am so extremely grateful.”

Ava, 14 years old

Student and Small Business Owner
“This helps me look at life differently. I like the straight talk. And I learned a lot of practical life stuff that I wish they had taught us in high school and university.”

Nicholas, 21 years old

University grad, Marketing
“It’s kinda cool to meet people that are totally different to most of the people you know. There is a whole world out there. You can be anyone you want.”

Theo, 14 years old

Student and Martial Arts Instructor
“I’ve wanted to be a lawyer for a long time and figured I had to do business school first to get there; which sucked as it meant more math in high school. Math is not my thing. Now I’m doing an undergrad in social sciences instead. Way more my thing."

Lucas, 16 years old

Student and Aspiring Lawyer
"I loved the analogy given that my life is a movie that is being played out on a big screen...and that I’m the one projecting this movie. I can either choose to be the audience...or I can choose to be the writer and director of how my movie plays out…Ok, I really get this!”

Grace, 17 years old

Student and Aspiring Director
“My friends and I act as a little support group for each other and talk about our mental health. But it’s so great to have it broken down further and explained in a really easy way. I now feel I have tools to help understand myself much better.”

Amelia, 17 years old

Student and Aspiring Psychotherapist


Day 1: MY SELF

We’ll start by charting the journey we’ll take over the next 5 days. Then we will begin at the beginning with you exploring how your first seven years of life affects who you are and what you believe.

Day 2: MY MIND

We’ll explore how your inner thoughts and emotions determine your mental state which then creates your outside reality. (Spoiler Alert: Yes. You’re in full control of this!)


There are 9 Universal Human Needs. Which ones were most met for you? And which ones weren’t? Why all this matters will blow your mind. Also, there are 6 Universal Human Emotions. We’ll use these to identify what most lights you up and feeds your heart, mind, and soul.


There are 3 Universal Human Motivators. Find out what they are and how they fuel your Purpose and your Passions into your Pursuits.


We’ll close the week by putting all this amazingness that is you into a simple MeMAP - something concrete and easy-to-use to guide your most important decisions.

Schedule and format

REALTALK Speaker Series

10:30am - 12pm Eastern Time

We kick off each day with a Be Real activity - either something super grounding or something that gets the juices flowing.
Next, we hear from super honest guest speakers about how they got real with themselves and created their best life. Followed by Q&A.
Plus, a few surprises along the way.

Can’t make the live sessions? Don’t worry, they’re recorded and available to watch for the next 24 hours.

Daily Live REAL Chats

12:15pm - 1pm Eastern Time

Group Coaching will be held daily so you can connect with your fellow participants and make the Real Talks even more personal to you. These Real Chats are included in your registration fee.


In the next 24 hours…

Every day you’ll receive a recording of the live session and a RealSheet to build and explore your own personal MeMap: a map that steers you toward living your best life. 

Take your time each day to reflect and play with the daily RealSheet.

Who we are

Key Contributors & Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Group: A diverse group of youth aged 14-21. Many thanks to Amelia, Ava, Dawei, Grace, Jessie, Josh, Liam, Kia, Lauren, Lucas, Naddy, Nicholas, Theo, Ishita, Morgan, and Zach.

Dr. Chitra Anand
: Intrapreneur advocate. The GreenHouse Approach. Social Architect.
Nikki Milligan: Producer. Entrepreneur. Life Coach. Writer, Baseball Fanatic.
Marla Gold: Event Planner. Project manager. Wellness Teacher. Dancer.
David Moore: Advisory Board Chairman, Jackman Reinvents. Foodie.
Judy John: Global Chief Creative Officer, Edelman. Major sneakerhead.
Sam Leese: IT Guru. Superstar Researcher. Curious Thinker.
Dr Carmen Lalonde: Dr. Carmen Lalonde: Clinical Psychologist + DBT Trainer. Knowledge Collector + Giver. Music Composer. Cat Lover.
Chris Hopper: Storyteller. Entrepreneur. Sports Exec. Sustainability Warrior.
Michelle Jackson: Progressive Educator. Educational Reform. Learning Enthusiast.
Karen Kranz: Anthropologist. Researcher. Life-long Learner. Dog lover.
Dr. Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker: Award-winning Professor (PhD). Researcher. Author. Director Teacher Education. 
Ron Tite: Founder of Church+State. Proud father. Horrible dancer.

AcadeME Bootcamp 2021 is brought to you by the Inside>Out Initiative (IOI). The IOI is an equal opportunity global not-for-profit. We celebrate diversity and are committed to providing an environment of mutual respect for all people.

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