Accelerator Start Date
August 16
4 weeks
Free + revenue share on your course 

The Disco Accelerator: Go From Concept to Cohort Based Course in Just 4 Weeks!

You’ve already done the hard work of building an audience and developing great content. Now is the time to leverage your efforts to create new revenue streams and elevate your brand by building your live learning empire starting with your first cohort based course. 
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Why join the Disco Accelerator?

Go from thought leader to course creator in less than 1 month - led by Lisa Lambert, Head Coach at altMBA and Akimbo and Candice Faktor, Co-Founder at Disco.

Building a best-in-class cohort-based course is incredibly rewarding, but it’s no easy feat to do on your own. Community, curriculum, course structure, technology, marketing, facilitating, scaling - building a complex premium offering like a best-in-class cohort-based-course can feel overwhelming! 

Led by experienced instructors, the Disco Accelerator is designed to simplify and fast-track your efforts to bring your live learning empire to life. Through step-by-step methodology, hands-on projects, feedback, community, and accountability, the Disco Accelerator makes it simple to streamline your efforts and develop your first cohort based course that goes far beyond what can be delivered in a book or lecture alone.

Leveraging our systematic approach, you’ll commit 6-8 hours per week to transform your thought leadership and expertise into a new, profitable, and scalable premium course offering.

What You'll Get:

Disco’s step-by-step formula for building and marketing a best-in-class cohort based course 
Community, accountability, and feedback to propel you forward
Hands-on projects, resources, frameworks, and toolkits to build your course and live learning community efficiently
Course discovery and marketing across Disco’s channels
Disco create-preneur coach: Access to our end-to-end coaching for building your course 
Lifelong membership to the Disco Creator Community, access to exclusive events

Meet your instructors

Lead Instructor

Lisa Lambert

Lisa Lambert is passionate about designing high-trust cultures and inclusive live learning experiences that invite people to step into possibility. An award-winning facilitator, she’s been on the forefront of developing and scaling exceptional community-centric learning experiences as a Head Coach of Seth Godin’s altMBA and the Akimbo Workshops.
Co-founder, Disco

Candice Faktor

Candice is passionate about lifelong learning, the creator econonmy and community. Candice helped scale Wattpad, one the world's largest storytelling communities, which sold for US $660MM.

Topics we will cover

We’ll dig into what you need to launch and market an exceptional cohort based course experience:

A step-by-step process to translate your knowledge and expertise into a a premium, repeatable CBC offering
Designing your course format and transformational curriculum
The economics of a CBC and ideal pricing
Building an incredible landing page that attracts learners
Marketing your course to sell out
Building a high-trust learning community that can scale

This course is for:

Influencers & Creators

You’ve built an audience on Substack, Twitter, or online, and now you want to create an engaged community. Disco will help you go deeper with your audience into a powerful, scalable product. 

Thought Leaders

You’re a subject matter expert in your field - whether you’re an author, a podcaster or recognized in your industry, we’ll help you turn your knowledge into an engaging and high-impact course offering.

Speakers & Rogue Professors

You’re used to speaking in front of an audience as a speaker, or a professor looking to deliver your content in a new way. 

What people are saying about Disco

To run cohort-based courses today is a mess, you need to use about 7-10 different tools. Disco is solving a major pain point, I had to do it myself and that’s why I am investing.
Dan Martell
Founder, SaaS Academy
We have been searching for a new platform to elevate and refine the experience for our community cohort based learning, I am so grateful to have found Disco!
Heather Odendaal
Founder, WNORTH
As a founder whose company grew 10x in 2020 from online courses, I can tell you how limited the tools are, especially if you want a mix of asynchronous and live and community. There is nothing else in the market like this.
Sarah Lacy
Founder, Chairman Mom


Kickoff: Meet Your Creator Community

One of the hardest parts of building a course is meeting like-minded creators who are in this with you - that’s where our community comes in. You’ll join us for a signature Welcome Session and Kick-Off, where you’ll meet your cohort 

Session 1: Create Your Course Strategy - Translate Your Expertise and Knowledge Into Your Transformational Course Offering

You’ll move from audience to community and get clear on your ideal learner and how to efficiently translate your existing IP into transformational experience for them. Get hands on feedback from your peers and the Disco team and start to build out your course foundation.

Session 2: Curriculum and Community Design 

Bring your strategy and learning community to life with  Disco’s Learning Experience Mixing Board - a powerful tool to help you focus on what matters in designing extraordinary learning experiences and roadmap the transformational journey of your course.

Session 3: Get Market Ready

Dive into the principles and mechanics of attracting learners and selling out your course. We’ll dig into what’s needed to  develop an effective launch plan, achieve course-market fit, earn trust, and enroll learners in your transformational offering.

Demo Days: Go Live!!

Showcase and celebrate your new offering with the Disco community. These interactive sessions provide opportunity to give and receive support among creators and create a cohort network effect and the momentum to carry you forward. 

Schedule and format

In our 4-week accelerator, you’ll go from thought leader to cohort based course creator,
and build your first live learning experience: a CBC. 

Transform your thought leadership into a new, profitable, and scalable cohort based course experience. You’ll join a community of creators and our expert Disco coaches to propel you on your journey from concept to course ready. 

Develop your cohort based course offering in just 4 weeks guided by exceptional instructors, mentors, and expert guests:

5 Instructor led Zoom Sessions

Kickoff Call:
August 19 @ 12pm EST - 1.5 hrs
Weekly Sessions:
August 24 @ 12pm EST - 1.5 hrs
August 31 @ 12pm EST - 1.5 hrs
Sept 7 @ 12pm EST - 1.5 hrs
Demo Day - Sept 9 @1pm EST

Facilitator led office hours

Regular scheduled Zoom calls will be available to meet with the course facilitator and other students to work through assignments and get feedback.

Micro-assignments & Special guests!

Every 3 days there will be a micro-assignment to help you move along the materials.  The Main Project is your actual course landing page & curriculum you will produce by the end of the course.

This is a LIVE cohort based course

How to build an incredible live learning experience
Meet a Cohort of like-minded Students
A Pathway To Mastery with live support and mentoring

Frequently asked questions

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